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How important is to have your own Logo?



The use of symbols in communications has been documented since the time of hieroglyphics. Symbols are used to convey depth of information in an efficient manner, and they can be used to replace what would normally require a lot of explanation. Symbols are a fantastic way to convey a concept . . . think of roadside signs, for example.



With a logo, you can use a symbol and/or font style to convey information about your business that can be easily remembered by prospects and existing customers. It empowers your business to communicate using both visual (symbol or a graphic style) and auditory (your business name) cues, which makes it more memorable. A logo is an important part of your company’s brand, which embodies how your customers both think and feel about you.



Some business owners think that a logo design is both unnecessary and out of their reach—that it’s something for only large corporations or fancy design companies. But the importance of a smart logo design for a small business can’t be underestimated. And it’s likewise for building a brand—whether you invest in your brand or not, you’re creating your brand at every moment. It’s up to you whether that brand conveys a positive or negative image or feeling in the minds of your customers.



How crucial is to have a customized and attractive banner for your company/organization?



Each week I see a lot of ad campaigns and a lot of banner ad designs. I guess that’s to be expected considering that we’re in the online advertising business, but I wanted to still throw that out there. I see large advertisers, I see small advertisers and I see pretty much everything in between. No matter how big or small the advertiser there’s always something that pretty much stays the same — nearly all of them use similarly designed ad banner creative on all of the different sites they advertise on.



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